Why Finance Ferret?

Why Should You Work With Finance Ferret?

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Finance Ferret is the premier solution for aspirational Australians looking to grow their wealth through the accumulation of property.

We understand that you don’t actually want a home loan – you want a home!

Finance Ferret brokers recognise this and always represent your interests, helping you structure your loans to support your long-term goals and objectives. In fact, we’re not satisfied unless we have helped you to establish the strongest possible foundations, upon which we can help you to grow.

Although specialising in residential home loans, Finance Ferret can also arrange your vehicle finance, commercial finance and personal loans.

Ultimately, at Finance Ferret you will enjoy our unparalleled blend of relationship-oriented service and industry-leading knowledge. Further, we are focused on integrating financial technology solutions, to simplify our processes, making your experience with us much smoother.

Don’t settle for second best. Join the increasing number of Australians who have partnered with Finance Ferret for their finance needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Our refreshing breed of finance professionals:

View every customer as a "propertypreneur"

From a first home buyer to a seasoned property investor, we recognise that Australians are increasingly aspirational and many choose property as a vehicle to build wealth. We work closely with our clients, educating and assisting them towards building passive income through property.

Speak in plain English

Have you been trying to find the elusive finance professional who is able to translate complex concepts to plain English? Well look no further – we’ve brought them all under one banner! Well-grounded in their product and lender policy knowledge, the Finance Ferret team are hand selected for their communication abilities and their emotional intelligence.

Will become your Trusted Advisor

Sourcing your finance directly through a bank is not a long term solution. Bank staff – even dedicated relationship managers – tend to only remain in the same role for about 2 years before they are promoted. Finance Ferret brokers are in it for the long haul. Working proactively in supporting your long-term goals and objectives, we will quickly become your Trusted Advisor on all matters finance.

Can connect you with the right people

Finance Ferret maintains strong relationships with key partners, who offer related services and who share our ethos. From Taxation to Financial Planning, Conveyancing to Property Managers, you can access our network of tried and tested professionals. As our technology offering develops, this will only become more seamless.